Who We Are

Hi Automation is your European Partner in Intelligent Automation

We integrate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate your business. 
Hi Automation delivers high-quality implementation, training, and managed services to help your company create value with Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. 
We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals specializing in implementing your digital workforce.
But we are more than a technology firm. We believe that every successful implementation requires the adoption of these technologies by your employees. 
Through our extensive experience with change management and involving teams in improvement journeys, we can help you build a solid foundation for the future of work within your organization.

Meet Our Team

Our secret sauce? A team of tech-savvy wizards who blend expertise with a sprinkle of eccentricity. Each member is bringing their own flavor of brilliance to the table. Together, we’re a team making the future happen today.

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Henk de Jong

Managing Director

Henk de Jong is a senior manager with extensive experience in discrete manufacturing, process industry, engineering and the professional services industry.

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Igor Svitelskyy

Managing Director

As the visionary Managing Director of Hi Automation, Igor leads with unparalleled expertise in driving technological innovation and business growth. 

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