Revolutionize Your
HR Operations

Revolutionize Your
HR Operations

Automate your HR department
end-to-end with Hi Automation’s UiPath Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business environment, HR and Payroll departments play a pivotal role in maintaining employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. Hi Automation leverages the power of UiPath's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to transform your HR and Payroll operations, automating key processes to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.

RPA for HR and Payroll

Accelerate your HR transformation with RPA

Embrace our UiPath-powered solutions to unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction in your HR and Payroll operations.

By delegating repetitive, manual HR tasks to robotic process automation (RPA), HR departments can shift their focus towards more strategic initiatives, enhancing employee experiences, and fostering meaningful interactions within the team. Large organizations, in particular, are well aware of the extensive manual effort required in hiring, talent acquisition, and managing employee time tracking and payroll in cumbersome spreadsheets. Implementing RPA for payroll processes not only achieves impeccable accuracy and punctuality but also ensures strict compliance.Software robotics are increasingly adopted for tasks demanding meticulous oversight and systematic scrutiny of vast data volumes. RPA excels in streamlining daily operations necessary for comprehensive system management and seamlessly migrating substantial datasets from legacy systems to modern platforms. This automation transcends traditional integration methods, offering a flexible and swift approach to implementation, and revolutionizing HR and payroll workflows at every level.

Process examples

Turn HR and Payroll bottlenecks into breakthroughs

Sourcing Candidates

It’s important to send the right message when you’re connecting with potential candidates, making it smooth and seamless. It’s their first impression of your company—and the talent market is scarce. Spend less time sourcing and assessing your growing pool of candidates in ATS and more time meeting and engaging with qualified ones, improving their experience at the same time.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Streamline your employee lifecycle management with our UiPath-powered solutions, automating tasks from onboarding new hires to managing exit processes. This ensures a seamless experience for employees while significantly reducing the manual workload for HR professionals.

Leave and Attendance Management

Automate leave requests and attendance tracking to ensure accurate record-keeping and compliance with company policies. Our solutions provide real-time visibility into employee attendance, streamlining leave management and enhancing workforce planning.  

Payroll Management

Improve your HR team’s productivity levels by digitizing the entire time-consuming process. Manage changes in HRIS, reports for items such as bonuses and balances, and develop and reconcile ad hoc reports as needed. The better your teams run in the background, the better your business runs. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Payroll Calculation

One of HR’s most important jobs is to make sure employees are getting paid and can access their benefits. Automation makes this a simple task with efficiency and fewer mistakes. Automate payroll reporting and reconciliations and easily provide decision support in developing compensation models. Calculate payable hours, commissions, taxes, and deductions, as well as items like PTO and other incentives an employee may receive.

Collecting and Verifying timesheets

Review and analyze payroll reports to highlight anomalies or data disparities during processing.  

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