Revolutionize Your Financial Operations

Revolutionize Your Financial Operations

Automate your Finance and Accounting department end-to-end with Hi Automation's UiPath-Driven Solutions

In the fast-paced world of finance and accounting, precision and efficiency are paramount. Hi Automation specializes in transforming financial departments with our UiPath-based automation solutions, designed to streamline and enhance the most crucial business processes in accounting and finance.

RPA for Accounting and Finance

Accelerate your finance transformation with RPA

Embrace the future of finance with Hi Automation's RPA and AI solutions, where innovation meets precision in finance and accounting.

Discover the transformative power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Finance and Accounting, a sector ripe with a 44% automation potential. Hi Automation harnesses RPA to significantly diminish manual, repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency in financial operations. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes this automation potential to new heights, further streamlining processes in finance and accounting.

At Hi Automation, we’re not just about efficiency; our cutting-edge RPA solutions also elevate the quality and effectiveness of your financial workflows. Experience a remarkable improvement in your finance and accounting processes, achieving both high accuracy and compliance. Our proven track record shows that robots are not only effective in boosting productivity but are also crucial in meeting the growing compliance demands within organizations.

Process examples

Turn finance and accounting bottlenecks into breakthroughs

Process Invoices

Improve invoice processing accuracy by using automation combined with IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) to reengineer workflows, digitizing invoice collection, validation, and storage. Our robots extract, interpret, and process data for you, even from PDFs, images, and scans, reducing turnaround times and freeing up time spent on highly manual tasks.

Process Payments

With our IDP, robots read invoices that have been processed and are ready for payment, digitizing your payment processing procedures. With the addition of AI and machine learning (ML), you’ll run them smoothly. Handle payment reconciliations and manage any exceptions that may pop up along the way.   

Customer Onboarding

Automate tedious, manual finance processes like onboarding and help your new customers with manual tasks by getting them set up in your system. Our robots help fuel your growth by reviewing and accepting applications, managing terms and conditions, contracts, and even negotiating pricing for you.  

Invoice Customers

When it comes to invoicing your customers, there are a lot of manual steps involved. Generating the invoice, validating it before it goes out, posting receivables, and reporting—the list goes on and on. Utilize RPA and remove the manual work with your invoicing processes and procedures and experience 3x increased productivity.  

Process A/R

From the moment an invoice is created to when it’s settled, there can be lots of hiccups when manual work is involved. Let our robots help find the untapped automation potential in your processes. We'll assist you with processing cash, managing debts, and help with your accounts receivable (A/R) and collections strategy and policy to reduce overdue payments and DSO.

Payroll Accounting

Utilize robots to report time and create and post payroll for your biggest asset — your employees. RPA can significantly enhance the Payroll Accounting process by automating repetitive tasks, ensuring accurate calculations and timely disbursements. This leads to increased efficiency, reduced errors, and ensures compliance with ever-evolving tax laws and regulations.

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